Software Development

Affordable Development. Made in the USA.

The Dev Shop creates custom modern software apps for you, right here in Cleveland, Ohio, at reduced rates. Specializing in Minimal Viable Products, Prototypes, and Demos.

Custom App and Web Development

U.S. Made. Offshore Pricing. Zero Compromises.

App Development Cleveland
Mobile through Web Development

Languages used include C# / .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Android, PHP and more.

Custom App Development

Locally-produced app development and responsive web development.

Trusted Information Architecture

Senior developers architect your site to give you the most bang for your buck.

Well Constructed

Be prepared for growth. Our developers

Still Risking App Development by Offshoring?

Learn about the hidden costs of protecting your intellectual property.

How to protect your IP overseas

Affordable Software Development

Built in the USA

Typical software development is expensive. That’s why many go overseas for their projects. We are different. We help you develop your product or project locally while maintaining its affordability.

US-based development means:

  • NO overseas Intellectual Property / contractual issues,
  • NO major time-zone differences,
  • NO cultural barriers / misunderstandings, and
  • NO traveling around the world to meet your team.
Quality Software & Web Development

About Us

We Can Code IT and Flashstarts have teamed-up to launch The Dev Shop, Cleveland’s premier developer residency program. Developers graduating from universities and bootcamp programs can join The Dev Shop as interns and residency fellows.

Under the guidance by top developers, our fellows are given the opportunity to apply their skills and build real products for customers in a development team setting. Startups can leverage The Dev Shop to fill talent gaps and produce prototypes at a reduced rate.

Development Team
Agile Development Methodology

How We Work: Agile / Scrum Methodology

Scrum is an Agile development methodology used by modern development teams to rapidly create software that balance the costs of the project with the time and scope needs of the team and you (the product owner). An extremely democratic way to produce software, agile development has been proven to lead to higher quality products that are faster to market, and less expensive in the long-run.

Learn more about Scrum Team members

Scrum Team Members
Scrum Team Members
You: The Product Owner

As the Product Owner, your job is to hold the vision of your product, to communicate that vision to the team in terms of User Stories. You are responsible for priorities of these stories, and help decide the pace of the project by choosing the size of the development team and number of iterations, or spints, of development that are desired.

The Facilitator: Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is a servant-leader who facilitates communications between you and the development team. She also acts as an educator for you and the dev team.

Our Developers: The Dev Team

A typical Scrum development team consists of 5-7 people. The smallest team we work with on sprints is a team of 3.

A Senior Fellow as Software Architect

Our senior fellows are developers with experience. We ensure your software is architected and developed well through ensuring a senior fellow is on your project at least part-time, is following its progress, and ensuring its success.

Affordable Pricing

How Pricing Works

Our week-long sprints allow you to review progress on a faster cycle, ultimately giving you more flexibility and greater control of your project.

To take advantage of the Scrum methodology, we provide sprint-based pricing that is dependent on the number of team members you’ll need for your project.

You’ll work with our team to determine what can fit in any given sprint cycle. A very small web site might take a few members just a week. A larger web application might take a team of 6 several weeks to get the features you need. We work together during sprint planning meetings to determine what items on your wish list can be developed during a given sprint cycle.

scrum development cycle
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Small Team Sprint

$ 7800

Week Long Sprint - Small TeamFor smaller projects, or projects that you’d like to exchange longer development time for smaller up-front project costs, our smallest team and pricing model is right for you. This option includes 3 developers, along with a Scrum Master who splits time with a senior development fellow.

Large Team Sprint

$ 14,800

Week-long Sprint with Large TeamFor larger projects, or projects that you’d like to exchange shorter development time for larger up-front project costs, this pricing model is right for you. You’ll have a devoted team of 6 developers, along with a Scrum Master who splits time with a senior development fellow.